cx ccTLD Policy

cxDA Policy allows for suspension or “take downs” when there is a violation of the cx TLD AUP or the Registrant Agreement.

cxDA does not handle secret or confidential information. Data in various forms is provided to cxDA or the cxTLD registry operator on a voluntary basis, cxDA generally makes this information available to the public.

cxDA may, at its sole discretion, anonymise, aggregate, delete, or restrict access to portions of the data, but does not represent that it will do so in any particular case.

Nothing in this “Use and Disclosure” policy requires cxDA to disclose any personal information; cxDA is always entitled not to disclose personal information in the absence of a legal requirement to disclose it.

If cxDA holds personal information about a Registrant and the Registrant is able to establish that the information is not true, accurate, complete and up-to-date, cxDA shall take reasonable steps to facilitate corrections to the information except where the data is contained in an historical record or archive.

CX ccTLD Life Cycle ( Updated March 5th 2016 )

    • Registration Grace Period – 5 Days ( 100% refund )
    • Registration Extended Grace – Day 2 to Day 14 ( 80% Refund )
    • Day 14+ ( no refund )
    • On Expiry
      • Day 1 – No change to Status
      • Day 2 – Day 30, Status changed to “Suspended” ( removed from zone, can be renewed without restore, renewal automatically activates the domain
      • Day 31 – Day 58 Status changed to Pending Delete (restore possible).
      • Day 59 – Day 64 Status changed from Pending Delete to Pending Purge (only registry restore possible).
      • Expiry +65 Days, domain deleted and available for registration.
  • No Transfer Fee.