Christmas Island Domain Administration Limited (cxDA) was established:

a. to be the administrator of, and the Australian self regulatory policy body for the .cx ccTLD and its associated lower level Domains;
b. to maintain and promote the operational stability and utility of the .cx ccTLD and more generally, the Internet’s unique identifier system, and to enhance the benefits of the Internet to the Christmas Island community;
c. to ensure a cost effective administration of the .cx ccTLD and its sub-domains;
d. to establish a policy framework for the development and administration of the .cx ccTLD including:
i. rules governing acceptable use of the cx ccTLD;
ii. rules governing the accreditation of registrars and registry operators;
iii. rules governing the registration of names;
iv. ensuring that registrars have equal access to registry services.
e. to exercise oversight of the operation of critical technical functions including:
i. the primary and secondary .cx name servers;
ii. zone files for second level domains; and
iii. a searchable data base containing information on registrations within the .cx ccTLD.
f. to liaise with national and international bodies on issues relating to the development and administration of the domain name system;
g. to establish appropriate complaints handling and dispute resolution processes to provide for conciliation or redress of grievances on matters associated with the administration and use of the .cx ccTLD.

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